6 Reasons to combine Yoga & Paddle Boarding

Yoga & Paddle Boarding – A great combination!

We are all more and more aware of the benefits of Yoga and how much it can improve our overall health, make us stronger, more toned and flexible, calmer and happier. We know it eventually changes our outlook on life in the most positive way.
The great benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding might be a bit less known, but are abundant too. It is a fantastic way to connect with nature, and be in touch with the ocean and all the healing powers of water.
On a physical level, it makes you work on your core, strengthen all body muscles, work on your balance and focus (if you loose it you will fall in the water!).
You can now begin to see how those 2 disciplines interacting together can create a powerful experience. 
Whether doing them separately  or together (Yoga on the board, also known as SUP YOGA) you will feel all the benefits of the fusion of these two practices .
  1. Those 2 disciplines have skills in common such as core work, balance, focus, concentration, and strength. So your Yoga practice will help your Paddle Boarding skills and vice versa.
  2. They both work on the deeper muscles of our bodies. From the deep core muscles (such as the Psoas) to the deeper layers of the Gluts muscles group (did you know we have 3 layers of those strong muscles?), these practices will leave you toned, but also very strong! With long lasting results.
  3. Both Yoga and SUP engage the upper back, shoulder blades and triceps (with actions such as paddling, or holding a Downward facing Dog or Plank Pose). These muscles are often forgotten and yet so crucial for our postures, and beautiful upper body shapes.  
  4. Practicing Yoga in the open air surrounded by nature will bring you an increased sense of connection, well being and awareness.
  5.  There is no limit in age or experience to start! Both practices are accessible to everyone and very safe  if practice well. That is beautiful.
  6.  Last but not least, let’s not forget the power of the breath, in Yoga of course but also on the board. This is what will keep you focused, keeping the levels of stamina and energy up. And if you connect to sounds around you, you will soon synchronise your breath, movements to the sounds of the ocean.
These beautiful sensations of physical, breath and mind work will stay with you as you carry on through your day.
You can then stroll through the streets of Barcelona, from the Barrio Gothic to the smaller maze of cobbled streets in Born, stop for some beautiful food, and see where the day takes you! To either more exploring, more Yoga, sight seeing, Museums, or relaxing by the beach.
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