5 reasons to practice #Yogaeveryday

Yoga has been practiced in India where it’s originated from for over 2000 years. This ancient practice has travelled to the western world and today is becoming more and more popular.

Yoga studios are opening everyday everwhere, retreats are becoming the favourite holiday destinations, we are finding Yoga in schools for children, in offices, hospitals, prisons… For all ages and walks of life. The benefits of this practice are endless, we are now looking at just 5 amongst many reasons why to practice #Yogaeveryday.

1 Yoga keeps you balanced

If, like many, you rush through much of your life, a yoga class will help you step back and slow down for a moment, and breath.In our fast pace way of life we forget to our connection to breath and for many allow the breath to become short, or shallow without ever using its full capacity. Even in an physically challenging practice, concentrating on maintaining calm, an even breathing will help you bring a sense of peace and calm.

2 Yoga will help you feel more awake and connected

Yoga will make you feel more awake, aware and connected to your environment as well as connected to yourself. Part of the reason for this is that you will always be able to follow a yoga practice at your own pace and in a way that feels good to you. That inward focus will have you feeling great after class, and allow the time and space to connect with how your body feels, and take that moment to become aware of your thoughts.

3. Yoga helps you focus

Through the breathing coordinated to the physical practice, Yoga helps you stay concentrated and focused on what you are doing.

In our time of constant information overload, this practice helps you let go of all your distractions and find a nice clear state of mind.
Always pay attention to your breath and your body. During many fitness activities, such as using a cardio machine at the gym, we ignore our bodies because of TV screens or loud music. Yoga is different because awareness is part of the process and practice. Feeling the body, listenig to the breath and coordinating these two will leave you focused on one thing, and for once the attention is within, not outside.
4. Yoga is good for your body

Yoga has multiple physical benefits such as aligning the joints in the body, developing core strenght, stretching and toning all the muscles and creating breathing space.

Yoga will also help you unblock tensions, allowing the energy to move more freely through the body channels, muscle tissues, nerves. It will help the whole nervous system to to slow down and relax which is very often the cause of many illnesses and injuries. If the nervous system is out of balance it is more challenging to lead a healthy life.

With a relaxed nervous system, flexible and strong muscles and joints our physcal body can then operate with its full potential and capacity!

5. Yoga is good for your weight!

Last but not least, yoga (even less dynamic styles) can aid weight control efforts by reducing the

cortisol levels as well as by burning excess calories and reducing stress. Yoga also encourages healthy eating habits, and helps all our digestive organs to operate more efficiently. and provides a higher sense of well-being and self-esteem. When the body feels stronger and leaner, there is a sense of well being and freedom that follows.
On your mats yet?
Come and experience and discover all the benefits of Yoga in the centre of Barcelona, with healthy vegetarian, many activities, time to practice and time to relax, we hope to see you at #Yogaweeks.