Urban Yoga Retreats in Barcelona, the rising of a new concept

In the heart of a the vibrant city of Barcelona, you can find a unique Yoga Retreat centre and a studio, with an indoor and an outdoor space to practice. From the roof top terrace we are overlooking the city whilst perfecting a warrior pose or balancing into tree pose.

Why a Yoga retreat in a city and why Barcelona?

Well having travelled a lot, practicing Yoga for many years, teaching for many years and teaching in retreats for many years, we have started to wonder about a few things. When it comes to Yoga and retreats we all tend to associate these ideas with remote locations, secluded beaches, country houses or mountain tops… Which are all beautiful and certainly resonate well with the idea of retreating. For some of us however, time can be an issue, budget can be an issue, getting there might become complicated.

And last but not least, the idea of “retreating” can sound daunting… 

Moving within hours, from our desk in a city, to a busy airport, and landing in a retreat by the beach can actually be more challenging that we imagined. We are of course referring to a mental challenge. To shift from a fast pace rhythm, to complete quietness can sometimes feel somewhat unnerving.

Whilst teaching and hosting many retreats, I have witnessed this a lot, that strange sensation of not knowing “what to do with ourselves”. It takes a few days, until we start to feel comfortable, to not feel guilty about just sitting on a beach, or reading a book. Yoga of course keeps us busy, but there is that space between the Yoga practices.

Whilst keeping the focus on the Yoga classes, we have decided to also look further into that space between the classes. Without trying to “fill in” that time too much we have decided to create a balance. A balance between the busy ness of our lives and the experience of daily yoga classes, time to relax in a comfortable place, eat healthy vegetarian food, enjoy the beach and the city and some culture!

We are realising that there is something beautiful and comforting about being able to do a Yoga retreat with the possibility to also enjoy city life, discovering a different culture, exploring art and architecture, local cuisine, and beach life. This is a unique feature of this cosmopolitan city, we have the mediterranean sea at our door.

We are loving the contrast and combination of the vibrant city of Barcelona, and these little escapes enjoying the beach and quiet times. All at once. It feels like the perfect balance, from the business of life, to nature and stillness.

In the same way, in our Urban Yoga Weeks retreats we are bringing it all together. With daily Yoga classes, healthy vegetarian food, beach time, sunset yoga sessions, city tours and quiet time… We are looking for the perfect balance. From business to stillness.

This is the principle we want to convey the most through the practice and teachings of Yoga. To keep our centre, balance and stillness, regardless of where we are, geographically or in life.

And the most important, we want to create that space, that idea and show you, how to take that back home.

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