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10 tips for staying healthy during Christmas holidays

With all the Christmas drinks, office parties, end-of-year farewells and family get-togethers, the end of the year is notoriously a time to enjoy and indulge!

But the holidays can also bring challenges to our physical and emotional health.

Here are some tips that will help you to enjoy Christmas to the fullest while staying healthy and happy during this season of joy!

1. Indulge in moderation

Christmas is definitely not a time you want to start a diet and deprive yourself of delicious festive treats but don’t go crazy on food! Enjoy your favorite Christmas food but choose wisely: turkey over ham, veggies over potatoes, fruits over chocolates…

mandarin2. Stay hydrated (and go easy on mulled wine)

It’s always important to drink water but, it’s even more important when you plan to eat and drink more than usual. Try and hydrate yourself before and after the party to avoid digestive problems and hungover.

drinking water3. Don’t sit down all day

We know Christmas means long hours of sitting and eating but we recommend you to take the whole family out for a walk at some point, preferably after lunch, to stay active and improve digestion.

walk in the snow4. Take the focus off food and drinks and enjoy the fun!

Christmas is definitely associated with some delicious food…. Only thinking about it makes our mouth water!

But Christmas should not only be about food. Have fun with other rituals like singing Christmas songs, decorate your house or watch old Christmas movies with your family.

christmas-decoration5. De-stress!

It’s easy to get stressed with all the planning and cooking associated with the Christmas celebrations. But try to keep a sense of proportion… After all, Christmas is only one day and it’s not worth stressing about! E-N-J-O-Y

christmas-enjoy6. Cook your own meals and opt for healthy options

If you are going to cook the Christmas dinner for your family, remember there are ways you can eat both healthy and well. Use a lot of veggies, reduce the gravy and sauce and downsize the plates ! And most important of all… Cook with love !

apple treat christmas7. Share quality time with your family and friends

It’s probably the most important thing about Christmas: sharing time with your loved ones. Turn off your mobile phone and enjoy chatting with your family. Be present. Laugh. Enjoy 🙂

christmas-family8. Don’t forget to rest and sleep enough

Enjoy the party but don’t forget the importance of sleep to rest and repair your body. Holidays are the perfect time to enjoy 7–8 hours sleep each night.

sleep9. Help others

We are all aware that consumerism has overtaken Christmas in the western world. But it doesn’t mean it’s all about giving or receiving gifts.

To make a change try to do something good for others. It does not have to be big, but meaningful : invite some neighbour that celebrates Christmas alone, help a local charity in their Christmas event, volunteer, etc.

helping others10. Take some “me time”

The Christmas spirit is about helping others around you but don’t forget to take some “me time” too. It’s important that you treat yourself with some time out to relax and revive.
Why not practicing some yoga? Even if it’s only for a few minutes, it will help you center your mind, open your body and relax…

savasana yoga poseWe wish you a very merry Christmas and a good start of the year!