5 Simple Summer Detox Tips That Don’t Involve Food

Summer is a great time to detox! A lot of us are going to go wild with juicing and fasting but food-related cleanses and detoxes can be hard to keep up with. And actually, there might be better ways to really detox your life from the inside out…

Scroll on and discover five ways to detoxify your life that have nothing to do with food!

1. Cut back on technology and social media

From our phones to our cars, from work to our house, technology is everywhere… And while this definitely comes with a lot of advantages, the over stimulation of lights, sounds, and instant gratification tends to disconnect us from ourselves.

This summer, even if it’s just for a weekend, try to start a digital detox! Turn off all screens, set an autoresponder on your email and leave your phone behind… We assure you it’s an amazing experience!

social media

2. Ditch the negative and make positivity your priority

Use your vacations to pay a closer attention to your emotions: notice everything you come across throughout the day that brings you joy, and also what brings you down. Once you have a clearer view on your emotions, try and ditch the negative and make positivity your priority.

As for relationships, follow and interact with people who add value or positivity to your life and cut ties with “energy vampires”. It’s simply life changing!

positive thoughts3. Clear your clutter

Summer is a great time to clean your house. To make it a bit more easy, start with one room only and ask yourself if the items that are filling your space are bringing you joy, are necessary or are making life better for you and your loved ones… You’ll end feeling much lighter and having a lot more space in your home!

tidy shoes4. Practice detox yoga

If you’re a regular yoga practitioner, then don’t miss the opportunity to use your favorite activity to detox your body!

Twisting yoga poses like Parivrtta Utkatasana or Marichyasana are great to remove toxins and get the digestive track moving.

Pranayama (breath exercises), and especially “nadi shodana”, the alternate nostril breath, is also a powerful tool to help detowify your body. Try it!

twist pose yoga

5. Take a break from the city

Even if it’s just for one or two days, try to escape from the city this summer. You don’t have to go to somewhere completely isolated but take a break from busyness for as long as you can.

If you don’t know where to go, we suggest you to join our Ibiza Yoga Retreats, combining the benefits of yoga and healthy food with the a wonderful mediterranean gateway… Ask us for more info!

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