private yoga lessons

Why you should take private yoga lessons from time to time

While group yoga classes are beneficial on many different levels, private yoga lessons are also a very good way to improve your mental and physical health, focusing on what your body and mind need. And the good thing is they don’t have to be exclusive !

The best way to learn and get the best out of your yoga practice is actually to mix group yoga classes and private lessons.

Whether you’re just starting yoga or you’re already a seasoned practitioner, adding some private yoga classes to your agenda will make you feel better. Here’s why…


It’s the best way to get started !

If you’re a beginner, you know that joining a group class can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. During the first classes, it’s totally normal to have a hard time keeping up with the rhythm, the new poses but it can lead to an uncomfortable feeling, looking more advanced students moving gracefully in the classroom.

With private tuition, the class is tailored to your experience and needs.


You can share your health history more freely…

Even if some teachers actually ask if students have specific medical conditions or body issues at the beginning of the class, you might not feel very comfortable sharing your personal health history in front of other students.

With private yoga lessons, you can talk about your health and body with your teacher in total confidence.


… And adapt the class for your specific needs !

Following the previous point, with private yoga lessons, the teacher can adapt the poses and offer alternatives that suit your needs on that day. It’s much safer to practice yoga that way, to avoid injuries and further complications.


You can ask for a personalized schedule

Although planning and goal setting is important, the reality of everyday life can make it complicated to join a group class at a specific time. Private yoga works around schedule conflicts as you can really have more flexibility with the time of your classes.


It boosts your confidence !

We all have different bodies, experiences and levels of practice. Even though it’s important to remind that there should not be any ego in yoga, we cannot deny the fact that group yoga classes can be challenging to one’s confidence, especially for beginners.

Private tuition helps remind that yoga is a story between you and yourself and you will have more time to actually understand the mechanics of the poses.


You can work on your personal goals

What made you step on a yoga mat for the first time ?

With private yoga classes you can focus on your personal goals, whether they are physical (flexibility, strength, etc) or mental (relaxation, confidence, balance, etc).


Your private teacher can help you develop a personal home yoga plan

Although it’s safer to practice yoga with a professional to avoid injuries and make sure the poses are practiced as they should, it’s also good to develop a home practice after a few years.

Knowing your personal health history and your specific needs, your private yoga instructor can help you develop a plan for your home practice.


Private yoga lessons help you progress rapidly and safely !

As we already said, private yoga can help beginners to learn the basics safely and gain confidence. But it’s also great for advanced practitioner that want to take their practice to the next level as group classes might not always be challenging enough for them.


If you are interested in taking private yoga lessons, contact us for more information !