Practice Yoga, relax and lose weight!

Practice Yoga, relax and lose weight!

As we are slowly coming towards the end of winter, we start to think of the exciting times ahead, with spring and summer just around the corner. This of course rimes with sun shine, and holiday!

We start to look for our T-shirts, shorts and bikinis… And we of course start to think about our bodies, how we feel and look.

Time to invade the gyms, look for our trainers, think about all sorts of diets, from juicing to detox programs, we are ready for anything. And what about a Yoga class?

We generally do not think about it as we combine weight loss with the idea of heavy sweat and torture like exercises.

We somehow do not associate weight loss with a relaxing Yoga class. Yet, this is where part of the secret lies.

Studies have shown that Yoga reduces levels of stress hormones (i.e Cortisol). This hormone acts by mobilising energy from storage to the muscles and shuts down essential metabolic processes such as digestion. Our digestive system is responsible in processing and eliminating food and fat in the system, a crucial process in weight loss.
On the other hand Yoga increases insulin sensitivity, this is a signal to your body to burn food as fuel for our system,  as opposed to store it as fat in the body.

This is a starting point, how does the rest work?

The discipline of Yoga operates at different layers of our beings.

Through a combination of physical exercise (even not strenuous), breath and relaxation we start to see the body changing.

Body awareness and physical aspect

The first aspect that Yoga broadly will bring to every person coming to practice is body awareness. If nothing else this is enough to get started. With awareness, we develop a more conscious way to treat our body. As we start discovering new muscles, different sensations in the body, feeling stronger, more toned, more flexible we tend to respect more and more our body. We tend to think twice about the next chocolate cake.

Focus and controlling our thoughts

Through this physical exercise, we learn to focus. Focus on our body, movement and breath. As our minds wander to various places, with Yoga we learn to constantly bring it back to the physical practice to be able to keep moving or following a class.

Beyond the phyiscal challenges some Yoga postures require concentration focus and awareness.Even when we become regular practitionners and maybe have learned most postures or sequences we still need that level of concatration to practice safely. Through the physical practice we learn to concentrate. Concentration means controling our thoughts. So when the mind wanders towards that chocolate cake again we know how to control that thought, and bring the focus and concentration towards our work or anything else we are doing.

Emotional control

Most of us know that many of our eating patterns are very closely linked to emotional partterns. Food cravings ususally come from emotional craving in an area of our lives, or frustration. Many times we might find ourselves reaching for food to compensate for an emtional need.

Through again the physical practice, Yoga will help open locked energies and physical blockages. Yoga will restore our balance, on a physical and emotional level, and also allow us to become more aware and with a better understanding of our habits and patterns.

Together with the physical practice, at Yoga Weeks Barcelona we include in each class Pranayama(breath control), introduction to Meditation, and Relaxtion. All followed by a heatlty brunch, with fresh juices, vegetables, fruits and no chocolate cake to be seen around!
Join a week of Yoga at #YogaWeeks and enjoy a very healthy #YogaHolidays.