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New Year’s resolutions: set your annual Sankalpa (intention)

Have you already set your new year’s resolutions? You’re still on time !

But instead of choosing resolutions you most probably won’t follow through the whole year, why not give them a “yogic” twist and set a Sankalpa (intention) instead.

Quit smocking, lose weight, start saving money, buy a new car… This year, forget typical self-improvement resolutions and dig deeper to find a deeper purpose !

meditation sankalpaWhat is a Sankalpa?

A Sankalpa is a positive resolve usually made before a yoga practice or meditation. It’s a commitment you make to yourself  but the main difference with a New Year’s resolution is that a Sankalpa starts from the radical premise that you already are who you need to be to be happy or to reach your Dharma.

On the other hand, a New Year’s resolution often starts with a negative perception of ourselves: Quit smocking=I’m not healthy, lose weight=I’m too fat, etc. They are usually made from the ego and that is why they don’t last.

How to set an intention for this year?

To discover your Sankalpa, you must listen and observe. Ask yourself what is essential that you become or achieve to fulfill your highest purpose or what you want to bring to the world.

Be present, look inward and you will find your heartfelt desire.

Once you know what your intention is, try to rephrase it so it’s short and easy to remember. It should always be stated in the present tense.

Incorporate your Sankalpa in your daily life: Use it as a mantra during Pranayama, write it down in your journal, stick it on your fridge, repeat it before going to sleep…

Change doesn’t happen overnight but if you stick to your resolve, you will soon see the benefits of this practice.

Some examples of Sankalpa

  • I  awaken my spiritual potential
  • I  am more aware and efficient
  • Compassion is my true nature
  • I am strong in body and mind
  • I have harmony in my life
  • I find beauty everywhere
  • I treat myself and others with kindness

Of course, a Sankalpa is deeply personal. Try and find your real heartfelt desire and make a resolve out of it.

Be also aware that your resolution might evolve over time. You can also step back and start over the process to find a Sankalpa that is really meaningful now.