Living under a palm tree

Why Yoga Weeks & why this blog?

We know by experience that not all of us or at least, not always and for sure, not all the time, we are that lucky to live surrounded by nature, by inspiring mountains, in the peaceful countryside or in a beautiful and fulfilling beach under a palm tree.

Most of us live in cities by choice or not, immerse in the fast and urban lifestyle, surrounded by constant choices and information.  Great really!  but we also believe many of us, have this recurrent dream of changing the landscape at some stage, to stop and reconnect, for good or for a while, to be able to have a different view of our reality, to be able to focus in adopting better habits, to interact differently with the world and to allow nature to be closer to us. And all that, in many cases, is a difficult dream to achieve in modern times.

And is for these reasons that we started Yoga Weeks. To offer a getaway, a week of yoga, wellbeing, cultural & healthy holidays in Barcelona. A week or even some days to deepen or start your yoga practise, to eat better, and to hopefully adopt new habits that will enhance yours and therefore, your surroundings quality of life.

Yoga Weeks is an urban yoga lifestyle retreat. A retreat that does not remove you away to beautiful remote places, but a retreat right at the heart of Barcelona, where you will hopefully be able to start or learn how to incorporate some habits and a better outlook to your daily life.

At our Barcelona centre you will find: daily yoga classes with great international teachers, fantastic accommodation at our beautiful and newly renovated modernistic house, daily vegetarian brunch after the morning class and plenty of other activities, treatments or chilled moments in Barcelona.

Make the most of your precious and expected holidays, embrace and adopt a more fulfilling, healthy, strong and happy lifestyle.

And is for all these reasons that this blog and all our social media channels are born to  complement our proposal, to keep helping you in successfully achieving  the lifestyle you want, to hopefully keep reminding you and bringing a piece of it whilst immerse in your daily landscape.

Our blogs and social media channels are open to all, to comment, to participate, to give your say, to try and bring this lifestyle closer to all and as far as possible,….

We are looking forward to meeting you under the palm tree!