108 Sun Salutations Summer Solstice Celebration!

Come and celebrate the upcoming Sumer Solstice in a great way!

With a 108 Sun Salutations (Suryanamaskar A) practice in our wonderful rooftop.

108 is a sacred number for Buddhism, Hinduism and Yoga. This practice will provide you of energy, and connection with yourself and mother-earth.

Is a challenging practice however you don't need previous experience and you will always have time to rest if necessary, our teachers will be guiding you at all moments through the event.

The practice will take approximately 1.30 hour and will be lead by Leonardo Moggia Narváez

Costs of the event is 12€. However, this is included for all Yoga Weeks pass holders and regular students. Simply email us on info@yogaweeks.com to book your spot.

We look forward to starting the summer with the best of the energies!

Yoga Weeks team.

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