Mar Ashtanga Padawan

As my teacher says, Yoga finds us because we started the practice long time ago, before this live; so we are just awaking ancient wisdom we already have within.

I began practicing Yoga 10 years ago. At the beginning it was just a hobby, but the more I practiced it, the better I felt. In the seeking of developing my practice, I found Ashtanga Yoga that gave me discipline and changed completely my life: my body, my thoughts, my eating habits, my relationships, everything; So I dived into the knowledge of the practice and became a 500 hrs Ashtanga Teacher.

With time, I found myself needing to play a little with my asana practice so I began to create new sequences and alternate them with Ashtanga.

Nowadays I’m studying The Chakras, and how to heal from the movement, the breathing, and meditation. So I try to incorporate all that into an active Chakra-Yoga practice.

I’m thankful and honored to share my practice, so let’s meet on the mat!