Judith Secanell

Judith has been in the performing field her entire life. when she is not on a stage or in front of a cámara, she is on the mat doing yoga and getting the extra-balance that she needs.

My name is Judith I am a travelling yoga trainer and teacher, instructor of pilates & hipopresives, creator of a movement and for ever dancer-actress.

I am  passionate about sharing my  knowledge through my classes and encouraging people to have fun through movement. My light and energizing teaching style will leave you feeling taller, stronger, and brighter after each class.

After to live few years in NYC and around states I decided to comeback to my city build a family and create different fushions  of disciplines . Actually teaching in the teachers trainings most of the time( Asthanga, Vinyasa and Hatha )

With over 10 years of experience building teacher trainings,  festivals, and retreats, I enjoy serving the global wellness community

I learned to connect my  career as an actress with the nature of yoga and life itself. It is a way to train myself as an instrument, as well my mind,  breathing, body and voice.

My major aspiration is to continue living the life successfully as well internationally, travelling around the world teaching Yoga, Creating Workshops, Yoga Teachers Trainings and making amazing retreats for my students and simply enjoying the small things in my blessed life.

Insta: @judnina

At the teacher training:

Judith will be one of your main Yoga Instructors on your Yoga Teacher Training, with years of successful new Yoga teachers trained on a weekly basis. She has collaborated with the best and most recognised institutions worldwide.

Judith will be teaching Asana, Meditation, teaching methodology and guiding you to start practicing teaching. She will also be a mentor of some of the students. She brings a great value of knowledge, sequencing, biomechanics and much more.