Ana Palomo

My name is Ana, I was born in Barcelona and I discovered yoga for the first time when I was studying Art History at university.

I clearly remember that, for some reason. I didn’t completely enjoy my first class. But something pushed me to keep exploring this new path opening in front of me because, despite everything, I sensed there was something deeply powerful and liberating on it.

During the first years, my practice was very intermittent, attending workshops, practising at the gym, trying different styles and teachers. During that period of my life I was also training as an actress, where there was a wide part focused on breathing and corporal training. Then I started to deeply connect. 

This work done at training, combined with my yoga practice, awaked my physical, respiratory and energetic consciousness. I was learning to listen to myself.

Naturally, Yoga started to take more space  in my everyday life.
Eager to be more self-sufficient in my practice and keep learning and deepening this spiritual path I followed a Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Spirit Sadhana School of Yoga (200h, Yoga Alliance).

After that and to find balance in my own practice, as well as to bring some lunar energy to my  classes, I certified Yin Yoga in 2021 (60h, Yoga Alliance), which I found fascinatin.  So necessary in our very Yang lifestyle and helped me a lot to discover space in my body as well as a point for meditation.,

Mostly, the type of yoga in my classes will be Hatha Vinyasa. Ha means “sun” and tha means “moon”. The aim of Hatha Yoga is balancing lunar energy and solar energy, yin and yang, femenine and masculine. This type of yoga is energizing and balancing.

Generally, we will practice it in the Vinyasa style so it’s a dynamic practice with a part of stretching and relaxation.

There’s always time spent on pranayama and a meditation. Depending
on the group at the retreat, I also offer Yin Yoga classes.

No matter if it’s your first yoga class or you’ve been practicing for years. Adjustments and variations will be offered so you can adapt the poses, challenge yourself or take a calmer practice if it’s what your body asks you today. The most important thing is to practice with consciousness.

I’m really thankful for every person willing to receive my practice and learn with me.

See you on the mat!