Audrey Corege

My name is Audrey. After studying and working as a pharmacist for years, I had a Dharma call. I changed my path to share the Yoga practice and lifestyle.

I practiced and studied extensively  over the years and shared it with my teachers and students. I am forever grateful for all the path walked so far.

Many years of teaching have allowed me to read bodies, to understand my students practices.

I like to offer classes in a dynamic way, working the body and the breath little by little observing how the mind calms down.

I guide my students through different asanas, accompanying the movement with the breath, allowing them to gradually come to the present moment, and enjoy the here and now.

I want my students to feel accompanied and guided in whatever level they are at.

I believe that the practice of yoga is something personal and individualised, each student is in a different place, with his body, with his breathing and my goal is to accompany them so that little by little they go deeper into their practice.

Insta: @damai_yoga_life

At the teacher training:

Audrey will be teaching Asana, Meditation, teaching methodology and guiding you to start practicing teaching. She will also teaching the Biomechanics and Anatomy module. She will as well be a mentor of some of the students. Audrey brings a great value of knowledge, a vast experience and is a very recognised teacher and trainer internationally.