Yoga Weeks Barcelona

Astrologer, Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur. Founder of Yoga Weeks.

After more than 12 years within the corporate world in both London and Barcelona, a sequence of personal and professional situations brought  deep questioning of my life at the time.  A deep transformative process.

I decided to go ahead and create a lifestyle project that would allow me to get back to a healthy lifestyle whilst helping others to do so. Yoga Weeks was born in 2015.

Astrology and my fascination for the moon had been always part of me. Astrology came as an incredible source of knowledge and a language to explain who I was and simply why, to many of my questions in life. And of course, an incredible tool I wanted to share with others.

Currently more focused in what I believe is my real Dharma, the day to day management of Yoga Weeks and offering Astrology consultancy to all our students and guests that wish to know better who they really are.

However! Now and then you will also see me on the mat.  My classes are smooth, agile and water based. Deeply inspired by my yoga journey at the Yoga Weeks Shala.

I look forward to meeting you and share great experiences,  perhaps transformative moments but also plenty of laughs and fun on our retreats!


Insta: @yogaweeks

At the teacher training:

I dedicate my energy to general coordination of each group, from booking, to getting settled in Barcelona and attending all needed during the process of each training.  I will also teach Ethics and Professional Development and all related to Yoga Alliance processes as well as the Yoga Business module. A unique 2 days workshop where I will share all my experience and knowledge about classes, owing studio, retreats and trainings. Plenty of tips for the next steps!