Arianna Piroddi

“I like to design the journey – life.”

Arianna Piroddi is Graduated in Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I discovered Yoga back in 2015 in London, where I was living then.

The journey of discovering however – the tangible and intangible, the inner and outer world – guided by art, movement and much more began in the primary years of my life. Arianna Piroddi is a 250-hour Yoga Alliance certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher from Milan.

She now lives in Barcelona and teaches master and all levels of Vinyasa practice online and in yoga schools around the world. Yoga is a constant journey in the well-being of each of us.

The important thing is to start the journey, then the breath will guide us in the best direction.

Insta: @ariannapiroddi


At the teacher training:

Ari will be teaching Asana, Meditation, teaching methodology and guiding you to start practicing teaching.  She will as well be a mentor of some of the students. Ari brings a great value of knowledge, great deal of sequencing flows and a great modern yoga lifestyle approach.