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Reset Detox  Workshop (For Barcelona Locals) 


We have put together this version of our very special Reset Detox Program  for the Barcelona residents that wish to enjoy a nutrition natural cleansing experience but do not need accommodation at the retreat centre.

With this program you will be guided through 5 days workshop of natural vegan nutrition combined with daily Yoga classes for a full reset experience.  We will also learn and talk about food, properties, how to mix it and take with us plenty of tips and new routines that will help you improve your eating , personal care and health habits. Also plenty of tips on where and how to buy the best products. 


This 5 days workshop includes: 


  • Individual personal assessment by naturopath and yoga teacher at start and end of  the week.
  • Complete program pack , products and fresh medicinal plants put together by  the Naturopath.
  • Daily check up with the Naturopath and yoga teacher.
  • Special guidelines for morning routines, short home yoga practice and daily eating guidelines.
  • Daily Evening  Yoga and meditation Class during the program focus on body and mind reset.
  • Cooked and served Detox Dinners at Yoga Weeks Barcelona after the class.
  • Duration: Sunday evening to Friday morning.




  • Sunday 14th – 19th



  • Sunday 18th – 23rd January



NOTE: Please should you wish to follow this program during other dates or for personal programs get in contact on 




  • Sunday 20th – 25th - Post Christmas Special!



  • Sunday 7th – 12th



  • Sunday 6th – 12th

During this 5 days journey, you will be part of our retreat.

You will be staying at your home , you will be able to follow your daily responsabilities whilst following the retreat. We will explain how to incorporate  some routines, morning practices and offer you tailored guidelines depending on your day to day.

Yoga Weeks Barcelona centre will be our meeting point for all catch ups, yoga & meditation practices, dinners etc.


17.00 – Introduction Meeting at Yoga Weeks Barcelona.

Group meeting to introduce the to the week. A  detailed explanation of the program and meeting the group.  This will be followed by one to one consultations with Naturopath & Teacher, to get a personal assessment.

19.30 –  Smooth opening Yoga Class. 

20.30 – Reset Detox Group Dinner  at Yoga Weeks Centre.

The rest evening will be free to relax and get back home.


Monday to Thursday

  • Morning detox routine according to plan.
  • Morning Self Yoga practice - sequence created for your level after the meeting.
  • Morning reset detox Breakfast/Lunch-  This will be  tailored and prepared by you according to our personal meeting.

18.30 Afternoon Yoga Practice with the group at Yoga Weeks.

20.00 Cooked and served  Reset Detox Dinners with group at Yoga Weeks Barcelona after the class ( All Food included).



  • Every day you will have a short  check up with Naturopath for personal development 
  • It is highly recommended to not smoke or consume any alcohol through this week.
  • Please use this week to take some time for yourself, allowing some attention and reflection to your bodies.
  • We recommend having a juicer or a blender for that week. If you don't have one, you can borrow one from us.

Enjoy the experience!

  • Price of 245€ per person/All included
  • Price of 395€ per 2 person / All included

This workshop has been put together by naturopath and yoga teacher. It is not a fasting or "only juicing or soups" program. Its is guided week of  generous healthy Vegan eating and more mindful approach to our body from inside but also outside. We will eat healthy, light, nutritious and learn about how to sustain it.

The workshop aims for a complete reset and detox for our body in the inside but also on the outside. That is why combines food and nutrition, yoga, some natural cosmetic and cleanse exercises.


The Yoga classes are tailored to assist this program, working on the digestive system.


We will combine restorative posture to ease the toxines release and dynamic practices to give a boost to the metabolism. We will also include meditation and breathing sessions for relaxation. The below schedule would apply:


  • Sunday – Grounding,  balance and hip openers
  • Monday - Focus on forward folds and  twists for the digestive system
  • Tuesday  - Focus on hip opening to release old habits and old stress
  • Wednesday – Focus on back bends, raising up the energy levels
  • Thursday  - Final practice, focus on breath and restorative postures


All levels al welcome and we will offer alternative for deeper practice according to individual level and health.


This program can be complemented by additional treatments such as massages or reiki sessions. For more information, please dont hesitate to get in contact on: