Sara Caneva

I was born in Italy where I started to study ballet and contemporary dance. I graduated in
Production and Artistic Techniques from Ca' Foscari University, Faculty in Venice. After getting
my degree, I decided to enhance my training in different European countries, i.e. Spain, Austria
and France.
In 2003 I moved to Spain where I decided to live and start my professional career, first in
production management and then as a dancer and contemporary dance teacher.
As a dancer, I collaborated with different companies, receiving several prizes and awards.
Yoga came my way many years ago, thanks to one of my dance teachers who made me
understand that yoga and dance go hand in hand. I thus started to practice yoga, developing
also a desire to improve my knowledge of this ancient discipline. After more than ten years of
study, in autumn 2017 I decided to travel to India where I obtained my RYS 200 certificate by
the Yoga Alliance, which qualified me as a Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher.
This enriching experience helped me start a path of physical, mental and spiritual
transformation. Today I consider yoga a necessary tool for my life and my personal
In my practice I always try to share my knowledge and spread my enthusiasm. My purpose is to
transmit my passion for this discipline that contributes to bring us calm, stillness, balance,
strenght and helps us deal with life in a more conscious and positive way.
I regularly attend yoga workshops and I am actually deeping in the study of the Anatomy of
Movement, a training program developed by Blandine Calais-Germain.
Besides being a Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher, I took advantage of my dance background
and my constant desire to investigate body and movement to experiment and merge yoga with
contemporary dance technique.
Interested in the exploration of different communicative techniques and dynamics, in my classes
I invite to create a space to investigate, encounter and transform, where each person can find
helpful tools for his/her personal growth.
My classes are dynamic, challanging and always focused on correct body alignemet so that
everyone can move safely and healthy. Creating a flow, we focuse on breathing, fluidity and