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Aquesta retir és una escapada de la feian i la rutina, per submergir-te en un fantàstic descans de neu i ioga i descobrir el lloc únic d'Andorra ".


Estem ubicats en un bonic xalet de muntanya al animat poble de la Massana a Andorra. Fàcilment accessible amb un autobús directe des de l'aeroport de Barcelona.


Aquest retir és únic ja que inclou un curs de classes d'esquí privat de 5 dies, tots els materials, pistes d'esquí de pas complet, així com el ioga i els apats.

Diu adéu a la calor i uneix-te a nosaltres en aquesta setmana increïble per la muntanyes!



  • 7 dies de retir / 6 nits d'allotjament en un bell xalet a La Massana, Andorra.
  • 2 pràctiques diàries de ioga / meditació
  • 5 dies de classes particulars d'esquí o snow (de dilluns a divendres)
  • 5 dies de passada de remontament il·limitat
  • Equip de 5 dies Lloguer d'esquís / taules de snow
  • Guitlletes de material a la muntanya per a la màxima comoditat per a la compra d'esquís i taules
  • Esmorzar vegetaria diari deliciós
  • Sopars diàris, deliciosos i reconfortants a la casa
  • Un sopar grupal de Raclette per als amants del formatge!
  • Una bella casa amb totes les comoditats (còmodes llits, banys agradables, jardí, pins, natura i vistes meravelloses)
  • Excel·lent ubicació (3 minuts a peu) al centre de la bella i animada Villa de la Massana.
  • Fàcil accés internacional. Ubicat a 3 hores en autobús directe de l'aeroport de Barcelona.
  • Tardes de relaxació, jocs i xats de ioga davant de la xemeneia
  • Massatges restauradors sota petició
  • Reserva opcional per Caldea, un dels banys nocturns més famosos d'Europa.

These are the upcoming available dates: 


JANUARY Sunday 20th to Saturday 26th

FEBRUARY Sunday 24th to Saturday 2nd

MARCH Sunday 17th to Saturday 23rd


Yoga is the perfect complement for ski and snowboard.  


We will wake up every morning and enjoy a smooth and deep stretch as well as some calming meditation. 


Fantastic  moment to get your body warm, connected and your mind in the perfect state to enjoy the day in the snow. 


The practice will be smooth and tailored to warm up and stretch the body for the ski and snowboard day. 


At night, after the day of exercise we will also enjoy a Yoga session. The session will be focus to help you recover from the exercise. The evening class will consist in restorative postures and relaxation. 


Yoga chats will also happen by the fire place, were we will share and enjoy the end of our day together. 


All levels are welcome and all materials for the Yoga practice  are included. 


La Massana is a cool and perfect spot for a week of skiing. Located at the heart of Andorra offers a lively old town with plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants and mountain pubs. 


You will also find few really worth visiting spots such us the old bridge, town church and enjoy a drink by the riverside. 


La Massana  is located at the feet of Vallnord ski resort.  Offering a convenient lift directly to the mountain top. 


The Vallnord resort is a magnificent set of slopes offering all high quality facilities, modern lifts, excellent school and teachers, cosy mountain refuges as well as a range of all levels runs for all types of skiers and snowboarders. 


We are sure whether you are a beginner or am experience skier, you will enjoy  your time and views at this resort. 


Andorra , officially the Principality of the Valleys of Andorra,  is a sovereign landlocked microstate on the Iberian Peninsula, in the eastern Pyrenees, bordered by France in the north and Spain in the south.


The Principality of Andorra does not require any type of visa and has direct access from both Spain and France. You will require only a valid passport  in case you are stop in the boarders. 


The official language is Catalan, although Spanish, Portuguese, and French are also commonly spoken.Andorra, the country surrounded by the Pyrenees mountains is a beautiful spot worth visiting. 


We can offer you additional treatments and relaxing moments such a bespoke massages at the chalet as well as Spa  circuit ( Day or night ones)  at Caldea. 


Caldea is one of the most renewed Thermal waters in Europe.


The Yoga Weeks Chalet is a beautiful , spacious and cosy chalet located in the fantastic spot of La Massana in Andorra. 


The chalet is located 3 minutes’ walk to the ski lift of Vallnord resort and to the centre of this lively mountain town. 


It is a stunning 4 floors offer  5 rooms and 1 beautiful mansard  triple room. Decorated with fantastic taste, we will enjoy cozy living space with a roaring fire place where we will enjoy our Yoga practices and enjoy the end of the day at nights.


We also have a fantastic  heated gallery with great views to the valley, the place where we will enjoy our breakfast and end of day dinners with the group.


The chalet offers private and shared bathrooms options and different types of rooms.  Also access to the kitchen and available cold and hot drinks and snacks all day.  


The chalet is excellent located 3 minute’s walk from the cabin lift which makes the arrival to slopes really enjoyable. 


We will  also provide storage space in the slopes for your material ( Skis, Board and boots), so after the ski day, you will be able to change to comfortable shoes, leave your material behind and again enjoy the lift back. Amazing! 


This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a real mountain experience. 


Our retreat is unique because we do include 5 days Private Ski or Snowboard Classes ( Monday to Friday), the 5 days Ski lift pass as well as high quality Ski Material hire.


The ski classes will be imparted by the official Vallnord school.   You will be able to choose from the 2 options, classic alpine ski or snowboard. We will divide the groups and Skiers and Snowboarders for best tuition. 


All levels al welcome and the groups will be also set up according to levels to ensure you all get the attention deserved. We are sure whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced skier you will enjoy, have amazing fun and be grateful for your ski improvements over a week! 


After the 3 hour daily classes we will have time to gather on the slopes and enjoy a couple of runs together! 


The chalet is excellent located 3 minutes’ walk from the cabin lift and you will have your own access code for the house. So if you are tired after your classes, you will be able to sit down in one of the slopes cafes or simply head home for a rest. 


The retreat includes 5 days unlimited Ski lift for Vallnord as well as material hire including: Skis or Board, Boots, sticks if needed and obligatory helmet. You will need only need to bring your own Ski clothing including:  snow Jacket& Trousers, body warmers, Ski glasses, Ski socks and skior snowboard gloves.  


The ski pass will include  full coverage health insurance. The ski classes will start on Monday and will finish on Friday . 


After the 3 hours class,  you will be welcome to keep skiing with the group, enjoy some warm food at the slope cafes or come back to the chalet at any time. 


We will provide storage space in the slopes , so after the ski day, you will be able to change to comfortable shoes, leave your material behind and enjoy the lift back to home! 


We can offer these types of rooms and packages All inlcusive:


Perfect Twin Shared Room - 1450€

Amazing Mansard Triple Room ( All beds are double) -1450€

Private Double Room (1 Person) - 2300€

Double Room Ensuite (2 person) - 2850€


Note – If you wish to join us but are not interested in the ski classes, hire and lift, please do get in contact for a customised options.




Arrivals and check in from 14.00pm.
Welcome meeting will take place around 17.00
Welcome Yoga Class 18.00
Welcome dinner with group




7.00am: Warm up Yoga practice
8.00am Vegetarian Brunch
9.30am Gear hire pick up
10.30am Meet your Ski/Snowboard instructor
11.30am- 13.00 – Ski/Snowboard Class with your group
From 13.00 Free lunch and fun times in the snow or head home to relax
Free afternoon
18.30 Yoga Session
20.00 Dinner with group




7.30am: Warm up Yoga practice
8.30am Vegetarian Brunch
10.00am Group meet up with instructor at the slopes
10.00- 13.00 – Ski/Snowboard Class with your group
From 13.00 Free lunch and fun times in the snow or head home to relax
Free afternoon
18.30 Yoga Session
20.00 Dinner with group




Lay in or Morning Yoga Stretch
9.30 pm: Vegetarian Breakfast
11.00 pm: Farewell check outs.


Every morning after our Yoga stretch we will have a delicious and generous breakfast to give us energy for the day at the slopes.  The breakfast will consist in fresh juices, hot drinks, fruits, delicious porridge and cereal as well as plenty of hot vegetarian options like eggs,  toasts and spreads.


The meals at night will be also  vegetarian hearty and warm. Healthy meals to restore and comfort us after a day in the snow. Snacks, warm drinks, fruit and bites will be also available at all times in  the chalet.


After the ski classes you are also welcome to stop by the slope cafes and enjoy a warm drink,  a nice hot soup or meal before coming back home. One of the nights, we have prepared a fantastic Raclette dinner to enjoy the most classic hearty dinner of the mountains!


All food at Yoga Weeks is sourced locally and cooked to Andorran style.