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Astrology is a language capable of explaining the different energies that run our personality as well as the energetic moments we are going through.


It offers  access to a deep source of knowledge about ourselves.  


The wisdom from your natal chart will serve you throughout your entire life. We can explore yourself when it comes to relationships, career, purpose, healing and shadow integration. We can work on specific transits & moments in time when specific events may happen.

With a Natal Chart interpretation you will recieve better knowledge about yourself, you will discover your natural talents and skills, your internal conflicts, understand and recognise certain patterns in life. Understand why certain events keeps happening again and again, why you attract or are attracted to a certain type of person or situations, projects, etc. All in your personal and professional areas.


It is not a divinatory science, nor magic or energetic channeling, it is an incredibly vast technique, language and a personal map to help better understand how each person feels and simply works.

Knowing who we are, knowing how to recognise certain patterns is an amazing source of peace for life, an amazing way to understand our purpose, skills and challenges in all areas and different stages of our life.


What for?

To better manage ourselves, therefore better chose our destiny for a happy, truthful, liberated and more fulfilling life.

During the consultation we can talk about the most relevant aspects and we can focus on situations that interest you more, such us:

  • Vocation and personal skills
  • Your child's energies:  how they feel? How can you enhance their natural talents? How can we canalise their energies better?  What are or what will potential the challenges be between you and them?  How can you guide them in specific situations according to who THEY are?
  • We can focus on specific moments or current crisis.
  • Couple synastries and composite charts: The energies that 2 people create between themselves and what dynamics will emerge from the relationships.


If you wish more information or to book a consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in contact on:  ana@yogaweeks.com | Tel: +34 677 375 173