Yoga Weeks is a modern yoga lifestyle organisation, offering Yoga Retreats in Barcelona & Ibiza, as well as Rooftop Yoga Classes and Wellness services for hotels.


Yoga Weeks founders Ana and Arlette met in London over 10 years ago. starting then a friendship and enjoying London life, travels and many adventures. At the time, they were both in very different career paths.


Ana started her London journey working in Events and Technology, building up a great career that finally took her back to Barcelona to be part of one of the biggest Technology projects in the city. After few years working in a very fast paced environment, with long hours and high levels of stress involved, she decided to hop off the corporate world to gain perspective and a healthier work and lifestyle.


Arlette was working in the Fashion industry as a Buyer, yet after many years growing up dancing she eventually came back to a more physical and holistic career, becoming a Yoga teacher that took her to Ibiza.


Our retreats Yoga classes are carefully planned to build up every day towards a stronger practice and starting to develop your own sequences. Our classes are based on Vinyasa Yoga, yet you will find influences from Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga.


Each week the classes will be adapted to the group, whilst leaving time and space to individual attention to each one of our students. We will ensure a harmonious pace for the group, whilst following up individual progress all levels. With the complete Yoga program of each retreat, we will develop and start to break down the key postures, learn the essential breathing techniques and start our journey towards confidently building up a self-practice or creating a short routine for ourselves.


Every day we will work on different sequences and postures, in order to create a flowing sequence by the end of the week.

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At Yoga Weeks you will be able to practice with the best local, national and many excellent international teachers. They all are fully qualifiedexperienced and passionate teachers that will help you enjoy and reach your best at your Yoga practices as well as get you started with the lifestyle.

Our aim at Yoga Weeks is to offer guests the opportunity to study yoga with teachers that you might not find in your local studios or gyms. We curate the content of each practice to ensure brings value, knowledge, good teaching, enjoyment and individual attention to each of you.

As part of the Yoga Weeks Team, we are happy to also count with the best therapist, nutritionists and personal trainers.